Turning 60!! (GASP)

TURNING 60 (and the struggle to maintain elegance)

Turning 60 was a shock. Even with 365 days to prepare for its inevitable arrival on that fateful day I was woefully unprepared. I felt like I stepped through a time warp and my life and universe were inexorably altered, and not for the better.

On that wretched day, I refused all celebratory lunches, dinners or parties preferring instead to sulk the entire gloomy day. I was safely hidden away in my house, sporting my comfortable if not chic ancient Sponge Bob boxers and equally unfashionable t-shirt.

Clearly this morbid self-pity couldn’t last forever if only as a public service gesture to fellow mankind. A plan! I needed a plan to survive this cruel, yet naturally occurring and an inevitable twist of fate.

PLASTIC SURGERY? Nope! My husband thought I had lost my mind and resolutely refused further discussion even to the point of hiding my Sponge Bob’s if I persisted!

WORKING OUT MORE? Nope. Taking three ballet lessons from a private instructor plus two weight lifting sessions with a personal trainer weekly plus daily hour-long self-inflicted Pilates and core exercise sessions pretty much used up my time and energy. Hubby once again threatened to hide my Sponge Bobs if I pursued this avenue.

LOSING WEIGHT? Nope. Through an obsessive healthy eating regimen plus the above-mentioned training rigors, I have maintained a desirable body weight. Plus my husband does like to have a regular drinking buddy and dinner date. What to do? How to survive this soul-crushing, self-pitying and totally self-obsessive and pathetic time in my life?

I know! MODELING!!!

I could return to the career of my youth. The career I had loved with my entire being, heart, and soul. I had even been quite good at it and successful!!


Now how to do it? I needed a plan…. (to be continued…) Oh, and by the way, welcome to my first blog post.

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